Taylor 114ce review – the value for money guitar?

By | March 19, 2019

Walking into a guitar shop, you might get mesmerized with this stunning genius of craftsmanship with a brand logo that envisions quality. In this Taylor 114ce review, we have brought some exquisite and effective details about the guitar which is known for its sturdy structure and exotic sound. The guitar is not only value for money but also surpasses the costly guitars in the market. So, how does it do it and why we are so pleased to review it? The answers to these questions are mentioned in the following sub-sections.

The guitar for the beginnersTaylor 114ce review

If you are a beginner and want to try your hands on a guitar that makes you sound professional, Taylor 114ce is the one for you. With its stunning sound clarity and ease of holding, you will be able to rejoice the time when you play it. One of the most important aspects of an acoustic guitar is its intonation. Taylor 114ce provides the user with optimal sound quality and flawless bass levels. The sound that it imparts is equally good acoustically or during plug-ins.

The size of the guitar is perfect for anyone to hold it while it’s ebony fretboard stays gentle on your fingers. The tuners are die-casted that prevents exposure of the tuners to humidity and resist corrosion, enabling a bridge system that is durable and with aesthetically pleasing structure. The well-defined body and neck make it sturdy and resistant to hardcore strumming which other guitars fail to provide.

In addition to all these, the customized electronics and hardware allows the user to experiment with the bass, treble, and volume. Speaking of the build, the Taylor guitar holds a scale of 25.5 with 20 frets and a coat of double varnish that offers trustworthy protection for longtime usage.


Following are some of the distinct advantages of having this guitar on to your place. The first choice for every guitar enthusiasts should have a look at the pros that this guitar has.

  • Best value for a quality guitar
  • Easy to play on and the soft neck allows easy transition
  • The smooth neck has low friction allowing palm to glide from one end to another
  • The build is solid and sturdy
  • Effective finish with long-lasting protection


It is really impossible to have it all in a box. So, even though the guitar seems to be the finest of all, there are certain drawbacks associated with the guitar.

  • It doesn’t have any onboard tuner
  • The bulky structure prevents it from being used by people of short stature
  • The fret material is temperature sensitive which is why a change of tune is experienced at times
  • The fret metal flats out after prolonged heavy strumming

The cover

After the whole gamut of information in the article, we can still imbibe on the fact that Taylor 114ce is a perfect choice for the budding musicians trying master their skills on the acoustic guitar at a price less than $1000.