How to know which cat food is good for your cat to stay healthy and fit

By | February 26, 2019

Pets are a very special part of our lives and we all love to take care of them so that they can fit and remain in good health conditions. while choosing food for your dear cat from a pet shop or while designing food yourself a few factors must be taken into consideration so that your beloved cat does not suffer from nutritional difficulties. You must be wondering how to know which cat food is good for your cat.


So here are a few key points which must be considered while choosing your cat food are mentioned below.


  • Firstly, whenever you buy cat food make sure it has AAFCO approved. AAFCO is a non-government American organization dealing with cat foods and such approval is an indication that whatever carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients are mentioned in the pack are actually present in the food as well. AAFCO also states that the food is either formulated according to the demand of a particular species of a pet or the food have been actually tested on the mentioned organism to make sure that the food is healthy enough for those organisms. This unique tag says a lot since it shows that the manufacturing agency has actually taken up the effort of testing on animals to monitor that it is sufficient to keep the cats healthy and they do not fall ill during the time of the experiment.
  • The next major concern is ingredients. This is important as cats are obligate carnivores in nature and thus cat food must be enriched in proteins and other meat products rather than only plant-based products as the animal meat-based products are a very important aspect of the cat diet and are essential to keep your cat healthy.
  • Besides these, you should also have a look at the food manufacturer. This gives you an idea about the previous complains and reviews of the manufacturer. If a certain manufacturer is receiving too many complains from the customers it is better to avoid products from them.
  • Check for the organic tag in cat food packet. Companies put in a lot of adjectives to attract customers and most of the time government provides the least attention to these words. But one such word regarding which the government regulations are pretty strict is the organic tag so look for this word in the packet. It is always advisable to provide organic food to any pet and not synthetic foods.

Besides these it is also advisable that you finish up a packet of cat food within one or two months after opening it as the preservatives added here do not last for a long period of time even though the details are not exactly mentioned in the packet but surveys show that most of the nutritional qualities are lost after 1 or 2 months of opening the packet depending the brand of cat food you are buying.