Here is AHP Alphatig 200x review for new owners

By | February 24, 2019

What is it?

AHP AlphaTIG 200x is an affordable and quality-based machine which is great for TIG welding stainless or steel, aluminum and stick welding. It has very cool features which you won’t find in welding machine. It is a very usable and versatile unit which is very simple to use. It is a dual voltage welder so one can use it at 110v or 220v which makes it useful for the new owner to use and to the ones who doesn’t have a generator. This machine weighs 50lbs and thus it becomes easy to carry this machine

Reviews from its customersAHP AlphaTIG 200x review for new sowners

One of the customers who has used AHP AlphaTIG 200x says that he works in welding supply store and has got opportunity to use almost every domestic welder, but he is more satisfied from this one. The duty cycle of this machine is fantastic, and the arc is stable to 10 amps reliably. He gives a 10/10 to this machine.

One of the main reasons that has made this machine a best welding machine is its affordable price. The smooth performance of this machine makes it a most reliable compared to higher priced welding machine. It has advanced inverter technology. It comes with a pulse width modulation technology which automatically regulates the system’s uptime. This machine also has exceptional performance in power ranges. It has adjustable output frequency. it comes with AC frequency control which adjust the output frequency for narrowing the focus of the arc.


There are many welding machines available in the market but in order to attract the customer and to be in their favorite list there must be some distinct features or advantages which will attract its customers. This machine also has many advantages some of them are-

  • Excellent arc quality
  • Portability (it weighs 50lbs which makes it easy to be carried for domestic welding)
  • Great value for many as you will get all the qualities that you will find in high proceed welding machine and if you are getting those qualities at a less price then why won’t anyone buy them.
  • Versatility, you can use this welding machine for TIG and stick and n for its dual voltage.


There is nothing in this world which is perfect. Everything is flawed similarly this machine along with being a useful machine has certain disadvantages they are-

  • The fans in this machine are bit on the noisy side
  • This company AHP has been marked as not a customer friendly machine as they do not reply to their customers unlike any other company
  • The foot pedal is a bit stiff to control and is slippery on the floor.
  • For a new user the front panel may be a confusing one.

Why should anyone buy this?

If you are a hobby welder, then this is a best option for you as would definitely not like to spend much on the welding machine now, but you would love to get the quality welding. AHP AlphaTIG 200x review for new sowners is the most reliable one as it is easy to set the system up and all their setting method is well explained in their user manual. The value for money on this machine is excellent.